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Annabelle Drumm Kitegirl Coach

Annabelle Drumm Kitegirl Coach

Kitegirl,  Annabelle Drumm is a Professional Career Coach, Business and Life Coach and Work-Life Balance Coach for:

  • Celebrities, Musicians, Singers, Models, Producers, Writers, Directors, VIP's,High Profile Personalities and Leaders working in the Creative industries.

Talk to me about the goals you would  like to achieve.
First coaching session is free.

Life at the top is a massive challenge. Those who have never been there are constantly fighting for it. They want the attention, glamour, fame, screaming fans, the clothes, the red carpet, the cameras - it sounds like one big party to them. They have no idea of the pressure you are under to perform, to behave, to come up with new material constantly.

They don't know how heavily you are burdened with the responsibility of others looking up to you. They have never had to manage finances that grow and shrink faster than a fickle fan base. Or that you are expected to live up to the hype of your own publicity - especially if it is not really you, simply your public personae. Those who mill around you on a daily basis have their own agenda for being there, so if you ask for their opinion, you may be unsure if you're getting the truth you desire. And, as new people come into your life, it takes longer for you to learn to trust them than before.

Sound like what you're going through?

Kitegirl is who you need.

Working with the big names...when I was a child, my father was a music conductor and arranger. Many times over I would see international stars coming into our house and chatting with dad about their repertoire or running over arrangements for an upcoming tour. I learnt very early on that, although there might be a crowd of neighbours waiting outside for an autograph, these famous people still just drank coffee and went to the bathroom like anyone else. So my siblings and I grew up treating celebrities as regular people rather than a piece of public property to which you could help yourself. As a young adult I found celebrities liked hanging out with me because I treated them as equals.

As your Celebrity Life Coach I like to work with you seeing eye to eye. You will be treated with respect, with humour, with kindness, with humanity, with honesty.

My service is intimate and confidential - always, supporting you all the way. I can always offer a non-judgemental stand point, with no hidden agenda.

See your life and career from a higher perspective and be able to make wise decisions about where you are heading.

I want to see you happy, enjoying your life and being as creative as you wanna be. Feeling safe, confident and relaxed.

Aside from graduating from Results Coaching Systems (since renamed at the NeuroLeadership Institute), which is fully accredited with the International Coach Federation, I am well experienced in performing professionally - I did that for approx. 10 years. I've been my own boss since 1990, ran a dance company for 6 years, promoted and coached talent as an agent for 15 years.

This is usually not a mentoring service, so I don't need to have done what you are going through, but my coach training combined with life experience allows me to help you pinpoint the underlying problem you may not have picked up on and move you forward to a healthier happier lifestyle and career.

What other celebrities have I coached...sorry, not saying, I'm not a name dropper.
The coaching relationship becomes an intimate one and trust is paramount. I do not discuss my clients with anyone.

Coaching is also a high level conversation, so I try to avoid discussing the finer details of what is going on with you. If anyone broke into my home or office or hacked my computer they would not find any notes on my celebrity clients. 

Where do I coach?
I understand your schedule is crazy.
You may be on the road travelling, touring, with a diary filled to the brim. Most of my clients are international so I work via phone, Skype or FaceTime to match your timezone for that day.

We co-ordinate our sessions together depending on what city you are in around the world, using flexible hours.  Talk to me about the goals you would like to achieve.

Free first session: I offer you the first session for free to see if we work well together. I don't do first interviews with your staff because I need to be happy that I can work with you too. This is a mutual thing.

I would never boast of being the best coach in the world. "Best" means nothing if you cannot get along with your coach. So talk to me. Let's set up an appointment, see if we get along and I'll show you how I work.

Hey, you've got nothing to lose.




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