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Stan The Man Longinidis

Stan The Man Longinidis

Stan The Man Longinidis is an Aussie Sporting Hero and National Icon. Stan is a Motivational Speaker and CEO of  The Stan the Man Group. He speaks to audiences in sales, marketing, sports groups and conducts private mentor-ship sessions. 

He speaks from the heart with enthusiasm and passion. 

2015 - NEW Stan The Man Fitness Academy, located in Blackburn Victoria. With the launch of this state-of-art Fitness Academy Stan The Man Group now presents 3 Major services: 

1. The Corporate Challenge

The 3.5 hour Challenge includes:

 1 x  90 minute physical challenge at the academy

 1 x  2 hour mentoring Mindset session 

2. Executive Mindset Mentoring 

3. Motivational Keynote Speaker:  Developing Your Dream Seed 

1 x 60 mins bespoke speaking presentations targeted for impact, inspiration and application.  
Includes 1 x 15 mins Q&A session with guests and delegates post presentation.

Then, we can arrange: 
1 x 15 mins VIP meet and greet
1 x 15 mins photo ops with guests and delegates
Stan the Man Merchandise (as available) personally signs posters.

Plus an exclusive 15 mins - locker room - behind closed doors motivational session

Conference Gift bags: a range of selected merchandise is available for purchase for inclusion into delegate's gift bags.

Topics include, but are not limited toThe Principles of responsibility and delegation - The Power of Thought,  it all starts with a single thought...

Stan has truly earned his celebrity status in the international sporting arena and is now recognized as a leading professional motivational keynote speaker throughout Australia.

2015 Mentor: Australian Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship and Mentoring Program.
Stan Longinidis: mentor to Judo sporting athlete Jake Bensted.

2013 Stan became the first Kickboxing World Champion to be inducted into the Sports Australia Hall of Fame.  Eight (8) times World Heavyweight Champion. Since retiring from the ring, Stan "The Man" Longinidis is acknowledged  as a professional  and exciting motivational speaker.

"Developing Your Dream Seed"
He speaks with passion and experience, audiences from all walks of life have been left emotionally moved and filled with encouragement to pursue their life time goals,  personally and in their career.  

What others say...
Powerful Motivating & Inspiring
- Applying real life wisdom given by a real life world sporting champion

Keynote Motivational Speaking 

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Team building workshops
  • Business Groups  - sales team motivation
  • Sporting Event - Guest Speaker
  • Sports Clubs - " inspiring" locker room conversation
  • Business Industry seminars
  • Educational and Government organisations motivational programmes
  • Panel Judge for community sporting events, festivals and educational programmes
  • Community Events
  • Sporting Festival appearances - meet and greets
  • Presenter at special Award functions

Aussie Icon...Gladiator, Champion, Warrior!

Falling down is how we grow. Staying down is how we die.
What you can COUNT doesn't really count.
What you can't COUNT is really what DOES COUNT.Remember your courage with every step.
Remember your faith, remember why you held on for so long.
Through the eyes of a champion: quote "The more I sweat in peace, the less I bleed in war"

Being psychologically fit is your biggest weapon: It is a process. Think positive, act and apply positivity and you attract and receive positive energy. Regardless of the circumstances, you will realise that your reaction to the circumstance itself will ultimately alter the outcome. Thus creating the world you desire.

Ground breaking international stats, Stan has walked THE walk!

Stan "The Man" Longinidis is the 8 times Kickboxing World Heavyweight Champion with a record of 88 wins, 5 draws and 65 knockouts only 8 losses.

Only a few have won world titles in three (3) different styles:1. International Rules Kickboxing
2. Full contact
3. Muay Thai

Stan, now referred to Australia's living legend was the first big name contracted to the famous Japanese K-1.

  • 1983 winning two amateur titles. Challenging the world light heavyweight title in 1987 a contest ending in a draw.
  • Approached by the Jet Centre & Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, Stan racked up 18 straight wins in America.
  • 1988 Won The  North American title
  • 1989 Won the USA title.
  • 1989 Intercontinental  won world titles & belts in the Heavyweight Division
  • 1991/1992 WKA Titles - World Kickboxing and Karate Assoc.
  • 1991/1993   ISKA   International Sports Karate Association
  • 1992/993   ISKA
  • 1994 WAKO World Association of Kickboxing Organisations
  • 1996 WMTC  World Muay Thai
  • 1996 Stan Longinidis became the first Westerner to compete and win a prestigious WMC world super heavyweight Muay Thai title in Thailand.
  • Stan was presented the award, being crowned personally by The King of Thailand
  • 1998 WKBF  World Kick Boxing Federation Australia and Oceania

International Media Release: Making headlines around the world: Six Seconds...job done!
My vision was my moment of greatness. To be great, you need to 'beat' greatness. At that time, Dennis Alexio was the man to beat. He had movie deals, corporate sponsors, and all the rest. I needed to beat him to get to the top of the heap.

The fight will go down in history as one of the most anticipated and one of the shortest in kickboxing history. It took only six seconds and one well-placed leg kick to make Stan the champion of the world.

Sports Hall of Fame Australia  Stan Longinidis - Kick Boxing
If emerging Australian kickboxing needed a true hero to give it profile and stature, and then Stan "The Man" Longinidis was the one to do it. 
From 1989 when he became US Heavyweight Champion to 1998 when he won the last of his World titles, Stan Longinidis constantly posed himself fresh challenges, winning world titles in three styles and three weight divisions. Stan Longinidis took up kickboxing in 1983 where he progressed quickly, winning the Australian Amateur Super Heavyweight title in 1984.

Kickboxing at that time had a relatively low profile in Australia and it was not until he challenged for the World Light Heavyweight title in 1987 that he began to attract attention. That fight ended in a draw but led to an invitation to move to the USA where he scored 18 successive victories on the way to taking the North American and USA heavyweight titles in 1989.

In 1990 he became the first Australian to win a world kickboxing title when he took out the KICK Full Contact Super Heavyweight title. He became WWKA Word Junior Heavyweight champion the following year and in 1992 WKA Super Heavyweight Champion.  He continued to win more titles and in 1996 he united two global strands of kickboxing by becoming the first Westerner to win the WMC World Heavyweight Muay Thai title. The fight took place before 80,000 fans in Bangkok and the title was personally bestowed on Longinidis by the King of Thailand.

Longinidis was given a lifetime achievement award in France in 2000 for his contribution to the sport. He retired in 2003 with a record of 83 wins, eight losses and four draws from his 95 fights.

Soccer, Juventus - the beginning of the journeyStan grew up with athletics, distinguishing himself playing soccer as a young man. I played for a team called Juventus, and I was pretty good.

My introduction to Budo Kai Karate:
When I was about seventeen, I went to a nightclub. There was a guy getting picked on. Suddenly, he had enough and he cleaned up about six guys. I thought to myself, I want to know who this guy is!
His name was George Konstas, and he ran a karate school in the Williamstown Hall.  It was called Budo Kai Karate.

My first official fight was in a nightclub in Melbourne. After the fight, there I was sitting up balconies holding my gold trophy, sharing that great win with my closest friends.  In 1987, during the week of the America's Cup yacht race, Bob Jones and Ron Stroud organized a kickboxing event. It was a big show, boasting three world title fights. For one of those, they wanted an Aussie to fight an American.

That's when my career took off. I fought a man named Santiago Gaza. We fought twelve rounds; it was the first time I had fought with leg kicks.   I knocked him down a couple of times, but it came out a draw. I was happy; in Australia at that time, we were all amateurs. I would have felt a bit strange winning my first pro fight and being crowned the heavyweight champion of the world!

Adam 'Smiley' Urquidez  attended that fight. Smiley was the brother of Benny the Jet, who famously owned The Jet Centre. He publicly announced that he had seen real talent, offering me a contract to go to The Jet Centre in Los Angeles to train. 
There was footage of me holding pads for Chuck Norris. Mr. T as well. Stan began fighting regularly in the US and soon became a celebrity himself.



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