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Fri, 21 October 2016

The City Speaks ACCA

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The City Speaks
7 – 20 November 2016

The second in a series where ACCA takes art out of the gallery and into the laneways, parks and public spaces of Melbourne, The City Speaks will examine the enduring relationship between visual art and language.

Through performance, installation and spoken word, participating artists and writers will examine the ways art and language can come together to enliven and interrupt public space, and contribute to ideas about the city, urbanism and community.

Newly-commissioned works have been designed to encourage a wide public audience to rethink the definition of art and consider how it might reflect, enrich, and even alter, urban space and society.

Curated by Annika Kristensen, the program includes:

The sign: Marnie Edmiston, Jordan Marani, Steven Rhall, Alex Selenitsch and Hossein Valamanesh
A series of commissioned A0 posters distributed widely across the city.

The signifier: Raquel Ormella
Text-based banners in three ground-floor windows in the CBD that borrow aesthetically from sporting and protest banners to question the relationship between human agency, political economy and environment.

The performer: Jacqui Shelton
Jacqui Shelton’s performance work, News of the building of the wall, calls upon Kafka’s short story of the same name as a starting point for an investigation into the intimate and physical ways in which we communicate. Framed more as an encounter than an artwork, the work can only be accessed through a one-on-one encounter with the artist and the willing engagement of the participant.

The pedestrians: Sophie Cunningham, Christos Tsiolkas and Alia Gabres
Walking tours of the city by acclaimed writers and artists on the weekends of 12/13 and 19/20 November, 3–4 pm

The response: Romy Ash
Melbourne-based writer Romy Ash will write a response to Jacqui Shelton’s performance News of the building of the wall for publication on ACCA’s website.

Epilogue: Danae Valenza
Like lost children we live our unfinished adventures is an installation of eight neon sculptures that transcribes the title of the work in shorthand text. The movement and proximity of people passing by these sculptures will prompt a burst of coloured light and sound – with each neon paired to a different instrument.

The City Speaks has been proudly supported by the City of Melbourne.

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
111 Sturt Street, Southbank VIC 3006, Australia
10am - 5pm Tuesday to Friday;
12-5pm weekends and public holidays
Monday by appointment.
Tel: 03 9697 9999. Admission: Free

ACCA is supported by the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments.

Wed, 17 August 2016

Mono @ Metropolis Gallery Geelong Vic

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20 August – 3 September
MONO explores unique qualities that can only be achieved using the monotype process: a sublime hybrid of painting and print.

The exhibition presents exciting and diverse works by contemporary Australian printmakers: TONY AMENEIRO, KIM BARTER, ANITA IACOVELLA, BRUNO LETI, DEBRA LUCCIO, JANICE McBRIDE, JAMES PASAKOS, LINDA ROBERTSON and WAYNE VINEY.

MONO will be launched by Dr. Thomas A. Middlemost, Art Curator, Charles Sturt University Art Collection on opening night 5-7pm Saturday 20 August. All welcome!
Metropolis Gallery Geelong

Thu, 23 June 2016

Four Walls Exhibition Brunswick Street Art Gallery

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Brunswick Street Gallery Melbourne
Upcoming Exhibition, 24th June - 7th July
Opening Event 24th June, 6pm-9pm
Four Walls, a group show curated by Bethany O’Connor.
Exhibitions runs from 6pm, 24th of June until 3pm, 7th of July 2016.
Exhibition Event is open to the public and all are welcome to attend.

What’s On
This coming Friday, the 24th of June we will hold the opening event for our new group exhibition, Four Walls.

The Other Art Fair is returning to Sydney this October, from the 27th-30th and is calling out for applications. This is a great opportunity for artists to network with other artists and buyers, and to present their work to new audiences. The deadline for applications is June 30th and it’s free to apply, follow this link to apply: http://theotherartfair.com.au/applications.

We love to keep in contact with our BSG community and hear about all the amazing things past exhibitors are getting up to these days. If you are part of our community and have something exciting happening in the future, such as an exhibition opening, a public talk, a publication, or any creative endeavour, be sure to let us know so we can share with everyone! See below for some exciting events from our community members.
Four Walls
A group show curated by Bethany O’Connor

Humans carve out spaces in multiple senses of reality, whether it be the physical space of a building, space in our memories, space in the digital realm of the internet, a sound reverberation filling a car park, or the space for trinkets in Grandma’s cabinet. The strict boundaries which once existed between such spaces have been blurred in recent years thanks to the onslaught of contemporary experiences with technology and the emergence of a so-called global community forged through globilisation. This exhibition aims to draw attention to variant experiences of reality understood through different spaces and the tension that exists between these spheres of realities.
The artists have considered both physical and immaterial spaces in order to understand how we experience such spaces, and how an artwork might exist in these spaces, particularly the space of Brunswick Street Gallery.

Annelize Mulder
Melissa Vallence
Cara Best
Jane Skeer
Ruth Cummins
Angus Callander
Char meets Margaux
Kalinda Nelson-Boyd
Emily Carroll
Celina Irwin
Kailum Graves
Nick Berry
Natasha Narain
Alice Gascoyne
Dominic Jaeger
Tony Priddle
Nicole McTaggart
Glen Clancey
Mikhaila Jurkiewicz
Amelia Tracey
Tobias Brodel
Abigail Varney
Karla Andreica
Edwina Cooper
Miriam Arbus

Mon, 25 April 2016

The SUBSTATION Newport Events

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April Weekender
April 29 – 1 May, 2016
The SUBSTATION continues to celebrate its centenary in 2016 over a weekend of free performance, visual arts and unique audience experiences, which bring new light to the unique building and its place in Newport.

Local artist Tamara Saulwick has been commissioned to make a new work, NEWPORT ARCHIVES, which uses interviews with local people to take audiences on a self guided tour of Newport whilst Lz Dunn, Associate Artist of APHIDS presents the return season of FLYWAY, a guided audio tour through Newport to the nearby water. The first Australian exhibition of Berlin based photographer SVEN MARQUARDT is showing all weekend and mobile video projection artists, PROJECTOR BIKE stage a FREE new work, THE ART OF WORK, on Friday and Saturday night.
Flyway is a performative walk immersing audiences wearing headphones and binoculars in the epic and enchanting journeys of migratory birds. Audiences are enveloped in a sonic landscape and guided through the nearby surrounds to encounter video artworks and a shifting, cinematic environment. Created responsively in each new location by artist Lz Dunn with Lawrence English and dramaturg Lara Thoms, Flyway explores our ecological connections, embedding field research of local birds, people and places into the urban fabric of the performance site.

Season: 29 April - 1 May
Performances: 4.30pm – 6.00pm, departing from and returning to The Substation
Tickets: $25 full / $20 concession

Newport Archives is an audio walk, which contemplates the connections between time, place, event and memory. Equipped with headphones and an mp3 player as their guide, participants walk unaccompanied through Newport’s streets immersed in a sound world that uncannily knits the present with the past, fact with fiction and memory with imagination. Green Room and Helpmann Awards nominee Melbourne based artist Tamara Saulwick premiered her most recent work Endings at the 2015 Sydney Festival and was presented at Melbourne’s Arts House in May to critical acclaim, receiving a 2015 Helpmann Award nomination for ‘Best New Australian Work.’ Tamara is an Artistic Associate with Chamber Made Opera.

Season: 29 April - 1 May
Sessions: 11am – 6:30pm, 15 minute slots (11am – 5pm on Sunday)

Combining archive footage, interviews with resident artists working at the Substation and explorations of the lives of the working people of Newport, The Art of Work guides audiences through the past and present of working life in Newport. The Art of Work is part of a series of Back Story projection walking tours leading to a domesticated outdoor cinema screening.

Season: 29 & 30 April
Performances: 7pm – 9pm
Tickets: FREE

The Substation gallery space is thrilled to be showing the Melbourne premiere of Berlin-based photographer Sven Marquardt’s work, with an exhibition spanning his entire career. Marquardt explores staged and candid scenes of everyday people in the street and club scene in Berlin.

Season: 29 April – 31 May
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am – 5pm Open until 8pm 29 & 30 April
Tickets: FREE

THE SUBSTATION MARKET is an indoor market featuring stalls of artists, designers and makers. With a view to encourage creativity and provide the community with an exclusive handmade shopping outlet, the market fits in perfectly with Newport’s newest arts hub.
Date: Sunday 1 May 10am – 4pm

Thu, 25 February 2016

Grant Gronewold’s (aka HTMLflowers) solo debut exhibition

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Fort Delta is pleased to announce artist Grant Gronewold’s (aka HTMLflowers) solo debut exhibition ‘No Visitors’ on view at the gallery from February 5th - 27th. An Opening Reception for the exhibition will be held at the gallery on Thursday 4th February from 6:00 – 8:00pm.

Gronewold’s long-form narrative comic work-turned-exhibition No Visitors consists of coloured drawings in the form of limited artist proofs and editioned prints. The work attempts to show the complex, painful and often isolating reality of living with a life threatening illness while still favouring and revealing this through a more intimate approach. Rooted firmly in real life experience, Gronewold uses his avatar, Little, to recount the embarrassing, demeaning compromises that often define the lifestyle of the disabled.

Drawing from his time as a chronically ill child visiting Ronald McDonald House, Gronewold uses the logic of insomnia to question the true function of corporate charity; often designed to aid the chronically and life threateningly ill, namely children.

Frequenting the exhibition are looming depictions of Ronald McDonald stalking wandering children in hospital gowns – revealing him as a kind of talent scout in search of new mascots to join him in McDonalds’ ongoing PR crusade to image themselves as a force of good. This major theme of the exhibition – the formation of corporate identity coercively appropriating the plight of others less fortunate - is presented alongside images of negligent doctors practicing paternal procedures on their patients - their faces hidden and disguised behind bright surgical masks.

Gronewold’s style and philosophy for the exhibition deceptively blends Injury, punishment and violation into colourful images, abundant with motifs and bright settings rendered in the waxy, porous textures of coloured pencils – a medium often associated with child’s play and bold imagination. Images of ripe, engorged strawberries being split with enormous razorblades, pop-up flying windows circulating the outskirts of hospital rooms, and wooded allotments appearing as feverish apparitions all ambivalently contribute to a fantastical and renewed picture of the sterile utilities and institutions; seemingly born from tides of contemplative, mindful insight and maddening boredom.

Fort Delta, Shop 59 Capitol Arcade (Basement Leevel) 113 Swanston Street. Enter via Howey Place, Melbourne Australia 3000

Sun, 4 October 2015


Melbourne based publicist and committed feminist Karen Conrad has decided to put her money where her mouth is and fix the gender pay gap for women who need PR in Australia.
Karen is offering *SHE* RATES for female artists and artisans - 20% off new publicity campaigns from now until January 30th for new female-driven arts, fashion, theatre and music pr campaigns.
“Women have to live in the same world that men live in and pay the same prices men do for accommodation, basic essential services, food, drink, fun - everything - while earning nearly 20% less. I don’t think that’s fair.

“For this reason, I’m glad to offer to offer quality PR campaigns for women at 20% off my regular fees until January 30th. I have long been committed to the feminist cause and I think this is a practical way to help bands, artists, designers, producers, service providers who earn a female dollar make the most for it in terms of their PR and marketing,” says Karen.

The gender pay gap has hit a record high of 18.8 per cent according to Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures, prompting calls for the Federal Government to reverse the upward trend.

Men now earn almost $300 more dollars per week based on the average weekly earnings for full-time workers.The latest figures represent the biggest gender pay gap since the ABS began collecting the data in 1994.
All campaigns must be booked in between today and 30 January 2016, but you can advance book any project with an end date before 30 May 2016.
If you’re a woman with a new project to promote, book it in now on 0400 527 365 or email Karen@karenconradpublicity.com for *SHE* Rates.

Thu, 27 August 2015


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Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) in association with Melbourne Festival presents

Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg
Saturday 10 October —Sunday 22 November
Curators Juliana Engberg & Louise Neri.

Surreal and ultra–sensory, ACCA’s exhibition The Secret Gardenby Swedish artists Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg opens up a netherworld of strange delights and encounters.
This is the first time that Djurberg and Berg’s work will be seen in the Southern Hemisphere. In their immersive landscape, sculpture, light, sound and film mix to dazzling effect. But don’t be fooled by its apparent benignness; in the nooks and crannies of this psychic and hallucinatory place, the id runs riot with tales of trouble in paradise.

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