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Tue, 17 April 2018

Brand Product Placement for film, television and theatre shows.

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Entertainment Depot can assist producers in raising funds via brand product placement.
Seamless integrated brand placement.
Contact us for a chat, 03 9486 1771

Thu, 14 September 2017

In Search of Fellini now showing

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In Search of Fellini dates: tickets on sale now
Laemmle Noho LA 15.9.2017
Village East NYC
AMC Sunset 5 West Hollywood
September 22.
Anthena Cinema Athens OH
The Kiggins Theatre Vancouver WA
Mary D. Fisher Sedona AZ

In Search of Fellini release: 15.9.2017

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In search of Fellini, film by Spotted Cow Entertainment. Release date 15.9.2017
Written By: Nancy Cartwright, Peter Kjenaas
From the director.
In Search of Fellini has been a truly strange and wonderful project. I’ve always had a deep love for Italy and spent time there growing up. I always dreamed of finding an excuse to film there.
In 2014, when Nancy Cartwright sat me down over coffee and relayed her extraordinary true experiences pursuing Federico Fellini in her youth—which inspired her screenplay—I was electrified. Like most people, I had seen a few of Fellini’s films, but I seized this opportunity to watch every single one of them. I sought out every book, documentary and personal friend of Fellini that I could find. I began to discover the complex and fascinating world of Fellini himself and saw how strikingly it intertwined with Nancy’s own story.
As the cast began to assemble, including the brilliant trio of Ksenia Solo, Maria Bello and Mary Lynn Rajskub, each brought new layers of depth and richness to the film. The process was incredibly collaborative, and was an amazing evolution from Nancy’s original experience in 1985, to her one-woman show in 1995, to the screenplay in 2015, including the daily discoveries of filming in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
The film grew, steeped in authenticity and symbolism, a dreamscape of real Italian locations, true stories, fantasies and Fellini’s own films and pathos. It is a love letter to Italy, an homage to Fellini and an exploration of Nancy’s beautiful true story. At its core, it’s simply a story about growing up and about the thrilling and sometimes terrifying few inches between childhood and adulthood.
-Taron Lexton, Director

Mon, 24 April 2017

Human Rights Arts & Film Festival

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Human Rights Arts & Film Festival
Celebrating 10 years.
Stories that matter national tour
Melbourne 4 - 18th May 2017
Sydney 23 -27th May
Canberra 29 -31st May
Perth 1st June
Brisbane 1 -3 June
Hobart 2nd June

Embracing Rosie now streaming on Hyvio

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Hyvio is an evolutionary hybrid Video on Demand (VOD) platform, designed to facilitate new and flexible pathways for brands, business and content creators to connect and engage with their audience on multiple levels via multiple devices. Hyvio offers a number of unique, customisable and highly targeted advertising opportunities. For its users Hyvio seeks to create partnerships with a range of content creators to deliver well-produced, unique and quality content that spans across a range of genres and subject matter; all through a simple, easy to navigate platform.

Hyvio is an Australian founded company, with a global reach. Since launching in mid 2016 as a new player in the VOD platform space, the platform has already secured international recognition and clientele, and continues to export Australian content to the rest of the world.

Embracing Rosie
Embracing Rosie is a brand new reality series, where the adventures and guests are sometimes out of this world. What do you get when a bricklayer falls for a psychic? Embracing Rosie, Psychic Rosie, runs a spiritual store and a Christmas bauble stand. Her partner Ross, prefers brick dust to glitter and fairies, but he is always there to provide the muscle to make the magic happen. Produced by She She TV, this charming, funny and completely unscripted reality show, is an access-all-areas glimpse into the life of Rosie and those she shares it with.
From the day to day running of her business, to catching up with great friends, such as world famous psychic Lisa Williams or the chaos of family life; once you see her in action, you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling in love and embracing Rosie.

The Horizon on Hyvio

Filed under: Film — site admin @ 1:46 pm

Hyvio is an Australian founded company, with a global reach. Since launching in mid 2016 as a new player in the VOD platform space, the platform has already secured international recognition and clientele, and continues to export Australian content to the rest of the world. Be entertained, be inspired, be in control! Hyvio a better place to be.
Now Streaming
The Horizon
The Horizon is the most successful gay web series in the world, it has had over 50 million views in more than 30 countries since debuting in 2009. The series is based on the lives and loves of Sydney’s Gay, Queer and Alternative communities. Addressing key issues faced by the LGBT. community, which is one of the fastest growing minority groups for content worldwide. Previous episodes have also been made in conjunction with the AIDS council of NSW to raise awareness around safe sex and other health issues.
The Horizon series is produced in Sydney, Australia.

Wed, 17 August 2016

Film Producers receive funding from $500 to $500K via brand product placements

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Producers contact Rene at Entertainment Depot for additional funding for your film, theater or music video productions. From $500 to $500,000 via brand product placement opportunities. We have a database of brands looking for opportunities to promote their hero brands & products. It’s all confidential, we run a tight ship. Email irene.briggs (at) entertainment depot.com.au
A consultant for over 20 years, Rene understands the issues producers have to overcome.

You have nothing to lose, agency fee - payment is based on an “agreed upon commission”. Paid once the dollars are in your account. Simple. Lets talk.

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