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Fri, 25 January 2013

Rock & Roll Gumbo Medicine Show Fundraiser 3.3.13 Melb.

Ladies & Gentlemen, step right up for the Greatest Show On Earth!
On Sunday 3rd March 2013, the Rock & Roll Gumbo Medicine Show rolls into town for one show only!
A special matinee performance from 1:00pm–4:30pm at the home of Richmond’s original flea circus, The Corner Hotel.

Guaranteed mad dancing, improvisation and strange inspired gibberish from genuine shamans!
Sexy voodoo cures from renowned snake oil salesmen and wicked temptresses!!
Mystery elixirs available from the bar, sure to cure all ailments and make others more attractive to the eye!!!
Silent auction featuring rare and luxurious artifacts!!!!

We are thrilled to announce an ever expanding lineup, with The Darling Downs just added!
More crooners and rockers, duets and other fine musical treats TBA!

Featuring live musical tonics from:
Charles Jenkins
Kerri Simpson
Kim Volkman
Suzannah Espie
Dan Brodie
Sherry Rich
and Blind Kiwi and his Cigar Box Guitar

The Rock & Roll Gumbo Medicine show features entertainments, potions and remedies for the enlightened!
Attendance is compulsory.

This is a benefit for Karen Conrad & family. Please pass this information to your friends.

Tickets $25+bf from cornerhotel.com, at the Corner Box Office or by calling (03) 9427 9198
Further info:
Karen’s oldest son Grant has Cystic Fibrosis and is now 25 years old. The family moved to Australia 15 years ago when Karen married an Aussie and had to decide between staying in the US and coming to Australia. Australia was the easy choice, in part to seek refuge from an inhumane healthcare system that was focused on money rather than patient care. That Grant has survived this long is tribute to Australia’s world class healthcare system and to his own tenacity and life force.

The average life span for a CF person diagnosed in 1987 is 30 years. Grant has recently been genotyped due to new medical breakthroughs and promising new drugs to treat the disease. Sadly, he was found to have a rare genetic mutation - different from around 70% of the CF population who will benefit from the new drug.

There may be new remedies for other genotypes in the coming years, plus there is always the possibility of a double lung transplant if all else fails. Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic illness, which means his younger brother Tyler could pass it on when he reproduces, even though he does not have the condition. A family appointment for a specialist CF clinic in St Louis Missouri has been scheduled in 6 months’ time. This benefit gig is to help Grant and his family cover those expenses.

“The irony of returning home to a US with Obamacare is not lost on us,” said Karen, “We haven’t been home in 15 years because to travel there before now would have been catastrophic if Grant had become ill. I’ve already filed bankruptcy and lost the only house we ever owned due to healthcare costs incurred in the late 80’s. It is hard to overstate the trauma of dealing with a healthcare system that would have denied Grant the medicine and treatments that have kept him alive this long and I don’t think we would be telling his story now if we had stayed in the US. We haven’t seen our family (including my younger son’s father) in15 years so it’s a bittersweet homecoming.”

All of these things said, Grant’s life has never been about dying. For one so young he has made a big impact in Melbourne and beyond as a hip-hop artist and a friend of many. His rap moniker is HTML Flowers and his electronic hiphop duo Brothers Hand Mirror recently performed at the Sugar Mountain Festival. He is also a cartoonist, painter and tattooist. He has many friends and an extended family here in Australia who love him – and his quality of life, although sometimes compromised during times of illness, has been far greater than his diagnosis would suggest.

Visit Grant’s Tumblr project that details his struggles with CF at htmlflowers.tumblr.com, and view his recent hospital video at https://vimeo.com/51750846
Interviews/pics/sounds available.
Please ring Karen on 0400 527 365 or email karen@karenconradpublicity.com.

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