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Tue, 30 September 2014

Stan (The Man) Longinidis Keynote Speaker joins Entertainment Depot Booking Agency.

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Stan (The Man) Longinidis Keynote Speaker joins Entertainment Depot Booking Agency.
The STM Group and Entertainment Depot proudly present Stan “The Man” Longinidis; Stan has truly earned his celebrity status in the international sporting arena and is now recognized as a leading motivational keynote speaker throughout Australia.
From eight (8) times World Kickboxing Heavyweight Champion to Keynote Motivational Speaker. In 2013 Stan became the first Kickboxing World Champion to be inducted into the Sports Australia Hall of Fame.
For all enquiries and bookings please contact Entertainment Depot, Corporate booking agency. 03 9486 1771
Since retiring from the ring, Stan “The Man” Longinidis is acknowledged as a professional and exciting motivational speaker.
Inspiring others to “Develop their Dream Seed”.
He speaks with passion and experience; audiences from all walks of life have been left emotionally moved and filled with encouragement to pursue their life time goals, personally and in their career.
Stan Longinidis reaches every person, from individual mentorship programmes to large corporate conferences.
- The Principles of responsibility and delegation
- The Power of Thought
- Being psychologically fit is your biggest weapon

Ground breaking international stats, Stan has walked THE walk! Stan “The Man” Longinidis is the 8 times Kickboxing World Heavyweight Champion with a record of 88 wins, 5 draws and 65 knockouts only 8 losses.
Only a few have won world titles in three (3) different styles:
1. International Rules Kickboxing
2. Full contact
3. Muay Thai
Stan, now referred to Australia’s living legend was the first big name contracted to the famous Japanese K-1.
• 1983 winning two amateur titles. Challenging the world light heavyweight title in 1987 a contest ending in a draw.
• Approached by the Jet Centre & Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, Stan racked up 18 straight wins in America.
• 1988 Won The North American title
• 1989 Won the USA title.
• 1989 Intercontinental won world titles & belts in the Heavyweight Division
• 1991/1992 WKA Titles - World Kickboxing and Karate Assoc.
• 199/1993 ISKA International Sports Karate Association
• 1992/993 ISKA
• 1994 WAKO World Association of Kickboxing Organisations
• 1996 WMTC World Muay Thai
• 1996 Stan Longinidis became the first Westerner to compete and win a prestigious WMC world super heavyweight Muay Thai title in Thailand.
• Stan was presented the award, being crowned personally by The King of Thailand
• 1998 WKBF World Kick Boxing Federation Australia and Oceania
International Media Release: Making headlines around the world:
Six Seconds…job done!
My vision was my moment of greatness. To be great, you need to ‘beat’ greatness.
At that time, Dennis Alexio was the man to beat. He had movie deals, corporate sponsors, and all the rest. I needed to beat him to get to the top of the heap.
The fight will go down in history as one of the most anticipated and one of the shortest in kickboxing history. It took only six seconds and one well-placed leg kick to make Stan the champion of the world.

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