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Fri, 25 January 2013

Wes Carr Buffalo Tales CD launch

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Wes Carr Plays ‘Buffalo Tales’
Sydney, July 2010 and Wes Carr had just boarded an international flight to Nashville. Getting on the plane, he posed for a few photos, before making his way to his seat. But as the plane began taxiing down the runway, he realised it all felt wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong. Standing up he demanded to be let off the plane. “Please be seated Mr Carr,” buzzed flight staff, but he’d made up his mind.

Letting rip with a torrent of reasons why the plane needed to be turned around, all of which made no real sense to anyone but himself, phone cameras started flashing and voices got louder but Carr’s insistence was impenetrable. After what seemed like years of inch by inch losing his grasp on his own right to say how he felt, the long list of circumstances that had brought him to this exact point in his life all came together in one almighty “No.” The plane and its passengers turned around and Carr was allowed to disembark. Funneled through customs - so began the next phase of his life.

Buffalo Tales

Wed 6 Feb - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD
$10 + BF presale, $14 door
Thu 7 Feb - Bon Amici, Toowoomba, QLD
$10 + BF presale, $15 door
Fri 8 Feb - The Brewery, Byron Bay
Free Entry
Sat 9 Feb - The Loft, Gold Coast
$10 + BF presale, $15 door
Wed 13 Feb - Workers Club, Melbourne
$10 + BF presale, $15 door
Thu 14 Feb - Baha Tacos, Rye
$10 on the door
Fri 15 Feb - Wellers Restaurant, Kangaroo Grounds, VIC
Buy Tickets
Sun 17 Feb - Beavs Bar, Geelong
$10 + BF presale, $15 door

Blood & Bone Is Out Now Through iTunes

It’s a longstanding belief in native American culture that when someone dream’s of a Buffalo, they will soon return back to their heritage, back to their roots. Proud to announce the release of his debut EP ‘Blood & Bone’, Buffalo Tales is the new project for Sydney based singer-songwriter Wes Carr.

From his early days fronting Silverchair-offshoot Tambalane, to his well publicised success on reality TV, Wes has well and truly paid his dues and already lived several musical lifetimes, all before reaching the age of 30. Buffalo sees Carr return to his organic singer/songwriter roots and is an intimate and natural fit with folk and alt country overtones, that lets his music speak for itself.

3 months after disembarking that 1st flight to the states, Carr again boarded a flight to the USA. This time he stayed on the plane.

“Before that world trip I took a drive with my Dad back to the country towns where a lot of my first memories took place. We went to our old house in Balaklava, South Australia, reflected and spent a fair amount of time listening to the sounds of the big trucks roaring down the highway in the distance. Dad reminisced and I took it all in, with a strange sense of a haunting familiarity even though I was too young to really remember anything about the house. We visited the cemetery where a lot of Dads friends from his twenties lay. All the graves were exactly the same as when he had left town twenty years ago. A few days later and I was on Sunset Boulevard in LA, where I stayed for two months before heading over to Nashville.

‘Blood and Bone’ is the reflection of where I had come from. From that dusty little town in South Australia to the big, bold bankrupt Los Angeles. And where I saw myself going in the future. Trying to play this role I had inherited, which taught me about living out your truth and purpose and making that possible instead of sinking into a dark, lonely hole in an artificial world.

Los Angeles wore very thin very quick for me. Don’t get me wrong, I can see how Hollywood can be addictive and I sure had some fun while I was there, my feelings were obviously also a reflection of where I was within myself at the time too. I was drinking heavily and desperately trying to figure out where I belonged in the grand scheme of things, essentially hurtling through space with no direction. I had money for the first time in my life and I was like a kid with a loaded gun. I needed something real but at the time I had no care for spiritual conversations or the soul. I was self destructing and I wanted out. I wanted to go far away from everyone but at the same time I wanted everyone to be near me at all times….

That’s what Blood & Bone is about to me, losing faith in humanity and regaining it again by seeking the truth.”
Having already Launched in Adelaide & Sydney, catch Wes launching ‘Blood & Bone’ across Vic, Qld & Northern NSW:

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